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Stuff You Can Use: Shopify Apps

Our storefronts are fully loaded, but sometimes you need a little extra frosting on the cake. That’s why Shopify hosts their App store, full of extra bits and pieces to help meet your most specific demands.

Third-party apps aren’t often a perfect fit visually though. We design our themes and templates with very particular and cohesive styling, which often means 3rd party goods clash. However, we’ve had some good experiences helping tune a few and we’d like to share them with you.

  • Product Options/Customizer - Especially useful for custom clothing shops, Product Options and Product Customizer allow you to create and add additional product options, option groups, and give customers the option to add text and files to better customize their orders.
  • Yotpo Product Reviews - Yotpo’s review app does a tremendous amount of work for a free app. Product Reviews allows you to collect and share customer reviews on a variety of platforms, boosting your store’s social media presence with organic, user-created content.
  • Shopify Wishlist - A simple and straightforward app that allows customers to easily create and manage wishlists, with a super-easy/single-step add-to-cart function.
  • WordPress Importer - All of our themes come with integrated blogs, but what do you do if you’ve been hosting your blog elsewhere? Manually transferring old posts or starting over from scratch are both terrible options, so Shopify made its WordPress importer, which is both easy to use and totally free.

Of course, if you have any questions on setup or compatibility with these or any other Shopify apps, feel free to email us.

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