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Introducing the Tumblin’ Interview Series

The Tumblrverse is shockingly vast. By November 2011 there were over 33.3 million Tumblrs, totaling over 12 billion posts. In such a churning sea of people, voices, images, and ideas, it’s easy to lose your bearings—or not even find them to begin with.

That’s why we’ve started Tumblin’, an interview series designed to introduce new and seasoned Tumbler users alike to the biggest and best Tumblogs in the ‘verse. We believe that the best way to support our rapidly expanding community of co-bloggers is to serve as a hub, exposing users not only to other popular blogs but with the people behind them, and the networks and ideas that connect them. We want to share what we think is the best and most interesting, but in a way that actually expands what we know about each other rather than just re-indexing old information.

Tumblr is overflowing with gifted artists, writers, designers, chefs, thinkers, and masters of just about every other mode of creative expression. With Tumblin’, we hope to show that with such diversity comes an incredible sense of interconnectedness and camaraderie—novelty as well as inspiration. We’ve been, and still are, very driven to better adorn and improve the face of Tumblr. Now, we want to delve inside, and collectively explore its millions of minds.

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